Flexible ManufacturingContinuous Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals

Maximum Flexibility

CONTINUUS will offer clients significant advantages during commercial manufacturing. For companies that do not require in-house production, CONTINUUS’s facilities will provide timely and cost-effective manufacturing services of high-quality pharmaceuticals. With their dial-up and dial-down capabilities, rapid changeover, and shortened lead times, our ICM lines will enable rapid responses to demand fluctuations, preventing costly stock outs.

MoP Model

For clients that require in-house manufacturing, we will offer our Mobile Pharmaceuticals (MoP) solution, a pre-fabricated pod that is able to be transported and installed at their site. With standardized connections (e.g., for utilities), these MoPs can be easily integrated into an existing manufacturing space. Protective enclosures will enable their placement into a number of different environments (e.g., warehouses). Also, as company strategies/priorities change, MoPs can be readily returned to CONTINUUS’s facility, freeing companies from holding such equipment.


continuous manufacturing of pharmaceuticals

“Mobile Pharmaceuticals”