Targeted Solutions

The unit operations that comprise our Integrated Continuous Manufacturing lines are novel, and provide advantages over existing conventional batch technologies. They permit reactions and formulation steps that are not possible in batch. The following unit operations are examples of process technologies we can implement for our  clients:

Continuous reaction

Continuous Chemistry

Our team has experience converting batch reactions to continuous, using a variety of reactors, which include plug flow reactors, a cascade of continuously-stirred tank reactors (CSTRs), packed-bed and trickle-bed reactors.

Continuus Crystallization

Continuous Crystallization

We have significant expertise converting batch crystallizations to continuous. Through the use of in-line PAT including ReactIR, FBRM, and Raman spectroscopy, we determine the rates of nucleation and crystal-growth to create robust, reliable crystallizations systems

Continuous Rotary Filter

Continuous Filtration

Continuous, small scale rotary filtration and washing system for the purification of concentrated suspensions containing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) or API intermediates

Continuous Drum Dryer

Continuous Dryer

Rapid, continuous, small-scale device that forms dry powder from a concentrated or diluted suspension that contains active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)

continuous manufacturing of pharmaceuticals

Continuous Drug Product

We developed continuous technologies for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical drug products, fully integrated with our in-line PAT