About Us

About Us

CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals is a spin-out company from a multi-year collaboration between MIT and Novartis. We specialize in end-to-end Integrated Continuous Manufacturing (ICM), with the application of novel process technologies that enable the rapid production of pharmaceuticals at significantly reduced costs and better quality assurance. With ICM, we will improve affordability and accessibility of pharmaceuticals on a global scale.

Our Mission

CONTINUUS’ mission is to produce high-quality drugs that can be delivered to patients more effectively and at a lower cost. In achieving this goal, we look to radically transform the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, steering it away from outdated batch systems to state-of-the-art continuous processes.

CONTINUUS is leveraging a novel continuous manufacturing platform called Integrated Continuous Manufacturing (ICM), initially developed through an $65 M joint research project between Novartis and MIT. With ICM, we will improve affordability and accessibility of pharmaceuticals on a global scale.

Our work is critical because the current manufacturing systems are time- and cost-inefficient, and are beset with quality problems. It is not unusual for manufacturing lead times, from start to finish, to be over one year, and studies have shown that the industry loses over $50 B annually due to wasteful processes. More importantly, these problems impact patient care. Hundreds of drugs are placed on the US FDA drug shortage list, many of which are life-saving (e.g., oncology drugs). To solve these problems, we offer a number of innovative solutions:

Continuus Technology

Although the pharmaceutical industry excels in the discovery of new therapeutics, it is behind many other industries in its manufacturing methods. Batch manufacturing, the current standard, is an outdated methodology that suffers from a series of “stop-and-start” steps in its production chain. CONTINUUS will change the paradigm by introducing Integrated Continuous Manufacturing (ICM), offering significant advantages that will ultimately benefit patients worldwide.


process development

From targeted solutions, such as the application of a single continuous unit operation, to end-to-end processes, CONTINUUS will work with clients to address specific needs. The modular and flexible nature of ICM allows for a broad range of product offerings.


The unit operations that comprise our Integrated Continuous Manufacturing lines are novel, and provide advantages over existing conventional batch technologies. They permit reactions and formulation steps that are not possible in batch.

CONTINUUS is also collaborating with hospital systems and pharmacy chains as it establishes its own generic business. High-quality, low-cost drugs will be manufactured in the United States through ICM.

Our team

To achieve our goals, CONTINUUS has assembled a team of talented engineers and scientists, with skills ranging from analytical chemistry to drug formulation. Our leadership team bring a breadth of critical experience and expertise from industry and academia. We have also established strategic partnerships with I.M.A. Industria Macchine Automatiche, a global leader in pharmaceutical equipment, and New England Controls, the local business partner of Emerson Process Management.