WOBURN, Mass., July 14, 2021 — CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals Inc., an innovator in transforming production of small-molecule pharmaceuticals with its proprietary Integrated Continuous Manufacturing (ICM) technology, today announced the opening of a new laboratory space and the introduction of new technology to aid in the development of high-potency drugs. The new, 3,000-square-foot lab, which includes clean room space and high-potency capabilities, will complement the company’s 50,000-square-foot ICM facility, which is currently under construction.

The opening of the new lab and the technology update are the latest developments in CONTINUUS’ ongoing expansion, coming six months after announcing receipt of a $69.3 million U.S. government contract to facilitate domestic production of vital medicines. Since receiving the contract, awarded by the Department of Defense (DoD) in conjunction with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), CONTINUUS has hired 30 scientists and continues to expand its work force.

“Our new lab space, located one mile from our current manufacturing site and corporate headquarters, will help CONTINUUS advance our mission for on-demand delivery of affordable, high-quality, vital medicines to patients in need of therapeutic solutions, and will also help facilitate collaborations with innovator companies that are developing high-potency drugs,” said Salvatore Mascia, Ph.D., founder and chief executive officer of CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals.

The new lab space and updated technology are designed to streamline development and production of small-molecule drugs, including marketed products, generic medications, and investigational therapies, through all phases of clinical trials and throughout a product’s lifecycle. The lab will help CONTINUUS fulfill its current government contract and will also be used in current and future engagements with industry partners.

About CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals

CONTINUUS is developing and implementing a novel technology platform called Integrated Continuous Manufacturing (ICM). This represents a paradigm shift from the current standard of batch manufacturing. ICM facilitates end-to-end drug production — integrating the synthesis of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and the final dosage form as a single seamless process — allowing for timely, on-demand manufacture of drugs with significant advantages in production lead time, quality, and costs.

Founded in 2012 as a spinout from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), CONTINUUS is leveraging ICM to enhance the affordability and accessibility of pharmaceuticals on a global scale. The company has raised over $100 million through financing rounds, commercial collaborations, grants, and government contracts.