GMP<br />Implementation


CONTINUUS will offer clients significant advantages during commercial production. Timely and cost-effective cGMP implementation can be performed at the client preferred facility.



For companies that do not require in-house production, CONTINUUS’s facilities will provide timely and cost-effective manufacturing services of high-quality pharmaceuticals. We are In the process of building the first-in-the-US Integrated Continuous Manufacturing (ICM) facility that will be able to produce API as well as finished drug product (sterile injectables and OSDs). Our facility will have the capability of manufacturing potent compounds.

Client Facilities

Mobile production integration

For clients that require or desire in-house manufacturing, we will offer our Mobile Pharmaceuticals (MoP) solution, a pre-fabricated pod that is able to be transported and installed at their site. In this way, small ICM lines can be fitted into warehouse space with minimal environmental requirements. The CONTINUUS team will continue to support clients during production as needed.

CONTINUUS Engineering

From targeted solutions, such as the application of a single continuous unit operation, to end-to-end processes, CONTINUUS will work with clients to address specific needs. The modular and flexible nature of ICM allows for a broad range of product offerings.